Very often, a person who has been wearing dentures for a long period of time, indeed, many years is not to uncommon in senior citizens, the annoyance and discomfort of the dentures becoming loose in their fit to the gums can be extremely aggravating.

Causes of Loose Dentures.

The Upper Dentures are held in position by interfacial surface tension between the surface of the gum and the inside face of the denture. A suction effect or vacuum is created by these forces, and a good seal is necessary where the two meet at the base between the denture and the gum.

The Lower Dentures are held in position by the same tension forces, but since the lower jaw are far more active, by chewing and speaking motions, the lower dentures are more prone to loosening.

The prime reason for loose dentures of course is the creeping on of advancing years, and the resultant natural shrinking of the gums. This shrinkage has the effect of reducing the base seal between the denture and the gum, thus loosening the holding tension between gum and denture. In some cases the shrinkage of the gum is so severe that it is not possible to construct a good enough base seal between gum and denture, so the aged person remains toothless.

Annoyances of Loose Teeth.

n  Whilst speaking, the upper set of dentures slip down, or even tend to fall out of the mouth . . . Whoops!

n  Small pieces of food can lodge between gum and denture whilst eating, this makes it very painful to continue eating without first removing the offending food particle.

n  Badly fitting dentures will cause constant rubbing on parts of the gums, leading to general mouth soreness and possible blistering. The inside of the cheeks can become tender also.

What Can Be Done To Treat Loose Teeth?

Since the loosening of teeth is caused by the loss of adhesion between denture and gum, it makes sense to try to recreate the adhesion!

This can be achieved by using a device known as Ultra Suction., which works in the following way.

n  Two tiny valves are fitted on each side of the denture.

n  In the ‘bite’ situation where the denture is pressing on the gum tightly, the gum tissue penetrates the tiny suction valves.

n  Air is expelled out of the valve, and a pressure difference is created causing the gum and denture to be sucked and held together.

n  When eating, the very act of swallowing creates its own vacuum also, and thus adds to the suction effect, so giving even more adherence between the gum and denture,

The overall effect is for the aged person to experience a far better fit of the dentures, and a greater degree of resistance to denture looseness and dislodgement.The device can be readily fitted by any good dental practicioner.

Please note that ULTRA SUCTION is a Trademark and is a Registered Product with many worldwide Dental Authorities!

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